Mailing Lists

Our main discussion list is our dev list - here you can ask questions and get help with issues, ranging from basic getting started through to detailed questions about Brooklyn’s internals.

To subscribe, send an email to:

You can also read the dev list archives on Apache’s list archiver.

Other lists

We also have a commits list - a read-only list which automatically posts as commits are made to our source repositories. Subscribe by sending an email to, and read the archives here.

Search archives

You can search all Brooklyn list archives from one location:

Historical lists

Before Brooklyn graduated from the Apache Incubator, the lists included the word “incubator” (e.g. These were automatically migrated upon graduation; the old lists should not be used.

Before Brooklyn joined the Apache Incubator, we had lists hosted on Google Groups. These lists are now deprecated and it’s no longer possible to subscribe or post, but you may find useful information in the archives.

Once again, these lists are deprecated, so please subscribe to the Apache-hosted lists to receive new messages.